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Rihanna rocks retro Cowboys jersey, Dez Bryant wishes she’d wear his (photos)


When Rihanna took to Twitter on Thursday to post a few selfies featuring her rocking a retro Dallas Cowboys jersey — a pink one at that — little did the pop princess know that she would evoke a response from Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Odds are the No. 28 jersey that Rihanna is rocking in the photos is in all likelihood a Felix Jones jersey, which is a strange choice in its own right. Maybe she has an affinity for the number, not the player, who knows with these self-absorbed and egotistical types. You know what I mean, those hip musicians with their complicated shoes! Moving on, apparently dismayed with Rihanna’s choice of jersey, her alluring selfie tweets elicited the following response from the wide receiver.

There you have it. This concludes our “Sexy Pop Stars, Their Choices in Jerseys and the Pro Athletes Affected by Them” coverage for the day. Probably.

Oh, one last thing. No matter what jersey Rihanna chooses to on any particular day for whatever particular reason, one thing is certain: The chances are good she isn’t wearing a bra underneath said jersey. That’s just how she goes about her brassiere-less business, which is her right. Not that we’re complaining, right?

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