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Troy Tulowitzki accused of sign stealing, Ace of Base’s ‘The Sign’ played at Coors Field (vid)


Troy Tulowitzki, no stranger to unique, interesting and eclectic choices for his walk-up music (see here and here), was supported by the Coors Field P.A. crew in providing a snarky comeback to accusations that he steals signs.

Whoever was in charge of pumping music into Coors Field during Thursday’s game took the initiative to use the classic Ace of Base jam, “The Sign” following the shortstop’s at-bat. Brilliant.

On Tuesday, the Colorado Rockies slugger was accused of violating one of the million unwritten rules of baseball by San Francisco Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow.

“I swear he’s getting signs,” Krukow said on the KNBR morning show (via Sporting News). “There is no way you can hit like that, for this long. I mean, if you hit .571 (Tulo’s home average at that point), that’s for a weekend or a week. But you don’t do it for six weeks. That’s insane.”

Rockies manager Walt Weiss provided a tongue-in-cheek response to the accusation on Wednesday.

“We’ve got a light bulb on the scoreboard we flash. Keep an eye on Dinger (the Rockies’ mascot); he’s involved,” Weiss quipped.”We switch out the balls. We’ve got the umpires in on it. I love it when other teams talk about that. I think it just feeds the beast.”

And then, during Thursday’s game against the same Giants, the accusation was sarcastically acknowledged via the soothing sounds of sweet, sugary, 1990s pop magic with Tulowitzki standing on first base. It may not be perfect audio, but the unmistakeable beat and melody cannot be confused.

Again, brilliant, no matter who came up with idea.

And for those too young or simply have successfully eradicated any memory of Ace of Base from your memory banks, here’s a primer (or a refresher):


(video via Guyism)