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Thunder fans create ‘comedic’ playoff rap anthem, but is it funny? (video)

Die-hard and dedicated fans creating amateur playoff anthems in support of their beloved team sadly is not a new development (see here and here). More often than not, it doesn’t end well and these people probably should have curtailed their impulses and avoided embarrassing themselves online after getting subjected to widespread mock and ridicule.

Unfortunately, although this is only my opinion (okay perhaps a few others’ opinion as well), Kabin and Karnika Iyengar, the brother and sister tandem behind the above playoff rap anthem dedicated to the Oklahoma City Thunder entitled, “Rollin’ (OKC) Thunder,” may have just set themselves up well for the aforementioned Internet mock and ridicule, which can be heartlessly relentless and incredibly mean-spirited.

Granted, the song is referred to as a “rap parody” in title of the YouTube video and a “comedic song” in its description, but that won’t stop interweb wisenheimers from unleashing hell upon the brother and sister.

Then again, one has to suspect that making oneself open to ridicule on the Internet will likely result in being ridiculed on the Internet, right?

In summary, either this is a brilliantly executed piece of comedic satire or its a horribly executed piece of satirical comedy. Or it’s just terrible. One of those three for sure.

Although given that the Thunder are down 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals after getting thrashed by the San Antonio Spurs to the tune of 112-77, no one is in the mood to laugh in OKC right now anyway.