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Browns fan creates Johnny Manziel beer, names it ‘Johnny Man’z Ale’ (pic)


A Cleveland Browns fan already overcome with Johnny Football — make that Johnny Cleveland — Fever and a thirst for a tasty brew has come up with a individually crafted beer with a name befitting the team’s first round draft pick and presumed savior of the organization:

The name: Johnny Man’z Ale. Brilliant.

The fan created and brewed the beer at The Brew Kettle Taproom and Smokehouse in Strongsville, Ohio, an establishment that allows folks to make their own batch of suds and provides amateur and aspiring brewmasters with ingredients, recipes and instructions.

Of course, where a story involving an instance when sports and marketing intersect, Darren Rovell was on the case.

Odds are no one got expressed written consent from the NFL before coming up with the label for Johnny Man’z Ale — nor would the league grant permission to use the images contained on it — so this batch in all likelihood is a one-time thing.

Still, what a genius idea for a name. And much like Johnny Manziel at the 2014 NFL Draft, in light of his precipitous drop to a later first round pick,  Johnny Man’z Ale goes down easy.

Better yet, how cool would it be to see Manziel knocking back a couple of these beers? Goodness knows the kid loves his brewskis, right?

[H/T Sporting News, image via @Dave_Robison]