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Dodgers release Miguel Olivo following ear-biting incident (video)


It didn’t take long for the Los Angeles Dodgers to react and the team did so with impunity on Thursday, releasing catcher Miguel Olivo outright following a bizarre scene during a fight where the catcher bit a chunk of an ear off the head of an Albuquerque Isotope teammate.

Olivo, 35, got into an on-field disagreement with infielder Alex Guerrero on Tuesday while playing with the Dodgers’ Triple-A team. The two mixed it up after Olivo apparently became upset with Guerrero for not putting a tag down quickly enough to thwart a stolen base attempt.

Things got quite a bit worse once the two made it back to the dugout, as that’s when Olivo treated Guerrero’s ear as an in-game appetizer.

Guerrero, who signed a 4-year, $28 million over the offseason, reportedly had to have part of his ear surgically reattached after it was discovered on the floor in the dugout, according to Guerrero’s agent, Scott Boras. Guerrero reportedly could be out for up to five weeks as a result of the injury.

Via CBS Sports:

According to Boras, Olivo first punched Guerrero and then, apparently after having his arms restrained by others in the Isotopes’ dugout, took a bite out of the ear of Guerrero. One other person who spoke to Isotopes personnel said a part of the ear actually fell to the dugout floor, and had to be reattached surgically.

A police report was taken regarding the incident, and the Dodgers have said they are also investigating.

Olivo told people Guerrero attacked while Olivo was seated and threatened to do him harm, sources say.

“It’s assault and battery,” Boras said. “There’s nothing he could have said to prompt this.”

According to an report, the police say Guerrero declined to press charges.

The Dodgers originally suspended Olivo indefinitely on Wednesday pending a team investigation. Clearly, information gathered during said investigation resulted in the team concluding it had no place in its system for someone capable of such unhinged range that he can bite a teammate’s ear off. Makes sense.

To add an added twisted layer to the bizarre story — as if it needed it — Olivo, being interviewed during spring training, had the following somewhat prescient  thing to say about what he would be if he were not a baseball player (translated by SB Nation): “I would like to be a boxer like Mike Tyson but without biting an ear.”

That’s … odd.