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Audio released of call about Jameis Winston allegedly stealing soda at Burger King

If the entire Jameis Winston Crab Leg Gate wasn’t bad enough (although it gave rise to a great meme) — not to mention even far, far more unsavory allegations that have surfaced and extensively covered and discussed over the past year or so about the Florida State Seminoles quarterback — now TMZ has got its paws on audio of a call to police made by an assistant manager of a Burger King nearby the FSU campus involving Winston.

Just over a week after surveillance footage surfaced of Winston pilfering the crab legs from the Publix, here comes this somewhat damning audio.

The call, from July 21 2013, was made to a non-emergency police hotline. In it, the Burger King assistant manager requests assistance in dealing with four men who allegedly were filling up ketchup cups with soda and subsequently making a scene after being confronted about it.

During the call, the BK employee says when Winston was informed that he was breaking the law, the quarterback allegedly said “he didn’t care.”

Seems to me Winston would have been better served by emulating Digital Underground’s “Humpty Hump” and instead simply got busy in the Burger King bathroom. But there you go.

The assistant manager goes on to say that Winston and the three other men were “causing a big scene out front” as well as alleging that the four were “fighting with me and refusing to leave.”

Ultimately, the charges were dropped and the story didn’t really receive much play until details of the allegations came to light during the investigation into Winston’s sexual assault case late last year. And then, the audio is unveiled this week.

To think that Winston has nearly an entire year in front of him before he likely begins the process of preparing for the 2015 NFL Draft, there’s no telling how much more trouble he can get into, further damaging his already tarnished image in the eyes of NFL teams. Hopefully, for his own good, Winston at long last has learned his lesson and will figure out a way to keep his nose clean in the coming months. Otherwise, being a surefire top draft pick may turn out to be a pipe dream sidelined by crab legs and ketchup cups filled with soda.