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Alabama fan claims innocence after drug bust, then says, ‘Roll Tide’ (video)


This by far is the most unfair and unflattering depiction of the stereotypical¬† Alabama Crimson Tide ever, and that’s saying something.

An evidently die-hard Alabama fan — we’re tipped off on this by the fact that he’s wearing Crimson Tide pajama bottoms — when confronted by a television crew, professes his innocence following his arrest in a drug sting by simply and eloquently stating, “I’m innocent. Roll Tide.”

Roll Tide indeed. And from the disheveled and dirty appearance of his clothes, some regular old Tide might come in handy as well before his day in court … if he’s planning on wearing that same outfit … which he probably is intending to do.

In his mind, the only thing he believes that may save him from a long and college football-free stint in the slammer is a “Writ of Sabeas Corpus,” as in Nick Saban coming along to save the day. I wouldn’t count on it, dude.

[H/T SB Nation]