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Rob Gronkowski wears shirt featuring Julian Edelman wearing a Gronk shirt (pic)


Wait … what? Okay, first things first. On Monday, New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman posted a photo of himself sporting a tee-shirt featuring the image of teammate Rob Gronkowski on it.

On Tuesday, not to be one-upped — or something — Gronk posted a photo to his Twitter account featuring the image his “Entourage” cameo cohort rocking the Gronk tee that the receiver had posted a day earlier.

Ha. He left his sleeves at the gym. If I had a dollar … no, seriously, if I had a dollar and managed to turn it into multiple dollars, I’d turn those multiple dollars into a shirt featuring Gronkowski modeling the shirt featuring Edelman modeling a shirt featuring Gronkowski.

Make sense? Of course it doesn’t. Because it involves Gronk. As most Gronktonian things, one simply has to accept it no matter the illogical or whacked-out nature of it all. It’s simple Gronkonomics, people.

Just imagine if both Gronk and Edelman visited the same t-shirt custom silk screen kiosk or shop at the same random mall on consecutive days. That would have made for the busiest two-day stretch at that t-shirt shop in, well, ever.

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