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Michigan sends mag cover mock-up to recruit, misspells ‘All-American’ (pic)


Sure, the Big Ten may boast some of the best schools academically speaking in college football, but one unfortunate misspelling on a magazine cover mock-up sent to a Michigan Wolverines recruit surely doesn’t speak well of the folks in charge of sending Photoshopped material to potential recruits.

The Wolverines sent out a mock-up of an ESPN The Magazine cover to four-star-ranked running back Mike Weber, ranked the No. 2 recruit in Michigan by Rivals, where he’s dressed in a Michigan uniform with the headline, “Michigan’s All-American RB Mike Weber.” The problem is “American” is spelled “Amercian” which sounds like an alien race in a science fiction novel.

Sure, there are worse things than minor typos — goodness knows there have been plenty on this here site — but it’s nevertheless an amusing gaffe.

All I know is if Pat Sajak saw this, in light of the longtime game show host’s confusing recent conduct on social media, he’d characterize a person who misspells “American” as an “unpatriotic racist.” Because that’s how he rolls, apparently.

[H/T Dr. Saturday, image via @mikeweber25]