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Pay tribute to Jayson Werth’s 35th birthday with a 35-beard GIF (photos)


Perhaps no major league baseball player has ever become as closely identified with his facial hair as Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth, all the way back to his days with the Philadelphia Phillies (the “Neverending Story” Photoshop above remains the tops).

Okay, maybe Rollie Fingers. And I’m sure there are some others, but you get the point.

So much has Jayson Werth’s beard (it even has its own Twitter account) become so synonymous with the ballplayer himself that rarely does a story about Jayson Werth get written without at least a casual mention of his beard (see here)

Anyhoo, it was Jayson Werth’s 35th birthday on Tuesday and the Internet had some fun commemorating the big day by celebrating the magnificence that is Werth’s phenomenal beard, even though the beard itself is only a few years old. When was Werth’s beard officially born, actually? Someone needs to look into that.

But on to the interwebs’ birthday wishes:

And finally, here’s a GIF featuring 35 images of Werth’s bearded excellence.

Awesome. Happy 35th birthday, Jayson Werth. Hope you and your beard had a fantastic day. Whatever that means.

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