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What in the sweet holy hell was Dwyane Wade wearing here? (photos/video)


Dwyane Wade has never shied away from wearing, shall we say, interesting outfits (see here for a brief rundown), nor does he appear concerned over taking some risks with his wardrobe, making bold fashion statement after bold fashion statement.

With the Miami Heat again reaching the Eastern Conference Finals and taking on the Indiana Pacers, more and more eyes are glued to their televisions as the playoffs get down to the nitty gritty, Wade has decided to put on show, kicking-up his already-outrageous approach to fashion to an entirely new, and bizarre, level.

While Wade’s outfit did in fact look normal enough while seated behind a table following the Heat’s 87-83 Game 2 win of the Pacers, it’s when he arose and strolled off the state were we afforded a look at what a person who fancies himself a fashionisto elects to put on to make a profound, if not ill-conceived, statement.

Wade’s ensemble is comprised of a tasteful suit coat, long black socks and black sneakers, but the entire look is highlighted by what can only be deemed as a somewhat odd pair of slacks…

Yep, those are, well, uh, male capri pants? Is that how those things should be characterized? Weird stuff, man.

Here’s another look at Wade’s choice in postgame attire.

Huh. Perhaps Wade was seeking form over function with the pants. Another name for capri pants is pedal-pushers and maybe Wade was riding a bike back to the Heat’s hotel room in downtown Indianapolis. Hey, it’s possible.

But did he pull of the look? Hard to say, right? I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this getup.

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