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Livin’ on a Prayer? Bills fans want Jon Bon Jovi music banned in Buffalo


Jon Bon Jovi is rumored to be part of a group interested in purchasing the Buffalo Bills but it’s the suspicion about what ownership group he is believed to be a member of intends to do if they buy the team is giving Buffalo residents cause for concern.

According to multiple reports, the rocker’s name has been linked to a Toronto-based developer who allegedly hopes to move the team to Toronto should a purchase be accomplished.

The ownership of the Bills has been in flux since the only owner the team has ever had, Ralph Wilson, passed away at the age of 95 in March.

The threat that a new owner may attempt relocate the team — whether that’s a realistic proposition or not — has given rise to a grass-roots effort in which Bills fans seek to have Jon Bon Jovi’s music banned throughout the Western New York city. Because, well, it’s a pretty easy and convenient target for their ire, as how does one ban a Toronto-based developer’s product, right? Banning Bon Jovi music is so much easier.

Anyway, 12th Man Thunder, a Bills fan organization, has been asking Buffalo establishments to boycott Jon Bon Jovi and cease and desist from playing any Bon Jovi music because apparently the music in every jukebox in Buffalo have not been updated since the 1980s.

The proposed ban applies also to DJs and live bands, meaning any Bon Jovi cover band operating in Buffalo is out in Lake Erie without a paddle.

As of early Wednesday, 42 Buffalo establishments are enforcing the Bon Jovi ban, according to a New York Post report. Nearly 5,000 fans have signed a petition on the 12th Fan Thunder’s website as of Wednesday afternoon.

As admirable as the efforts being put into letting their voices be heard by stressing under no uncertain terms will Bills fans allow an 1980s hair band rocker to come in on the steel horse he rides and steal their team in the night, as alluded to above, it won’t amount to much and they’re all just livin’ on a prayer, if you know what I mean.

Sheesh, it’s times like these where I feel like I give pun a bad name (bad name).

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