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Tim Duncan’s gal wears shirt ripping Barkley for ripping San Antonio women (video)


One of Charles Barkley’s favorite targets over the years has been the women of San Antonio, who the NBA analyst time and again has argued are stereotypically overweight. And given that the San Antonio Spurs go deep in the playoffs nearly every postseason — including this year — Barkley again has been provided a stage to disparage the merits of the women residing in the Spurs’ home city.

Earlier this month, Barkley savaged San Antonio women, remarking that the sizable girth of the average woman in San Antonio makes the town “a gold mine for Weight Watchers.”

Of course, Barkley continued to slam the city’s females, prompting an act during TNT’s “Inside the NBA” program where Barkley pantomimed double-fisting churros, which uncomfortably better resembled Sir Charles simulating fellatio more than stuffing his face with snacks.

On Monday night, with the TNT crew in town for the Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder, the women of San Antonio were out in full force to challenge Barkley regarding his negative views of them.

Among them and leading the charge was none other than the stunning Vanessa Macias, the gorgeous girlfriend of Tim Duncan.

Macias was spotted sporting a “Barkley don’t Know” shirt as she points disapprovingly at the camera. And while the message contained on the shirt is missing an apostrophe in “don’t,” the intent cannot be missed. Nor can how the busty Macias fills out the shirt nicely, either.

Here’s video of Barkley reacting to the vitriolic reactions to his savagery.

Barkley’s response to the image of Macias gracing the coverage? “That woman ain’t from here. They flew her in from Dallas.”

Sadly, Barkley’s quick quip proved to be inaccurate, as Macias took to Twitter that she’s a born and bred San Antonian.

Take that, Chuck.

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