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Matchmaker Mike Trout helps high school kid land prom date on Twitter

Los Angeles Angels young superstar Mike Trout did a solid for a New Jersey kid by helping him land his prom date on Twitter.

Trout, a Jersey native, was contacted on Twitter by Tim Moraski, a senior at Northern Valley Regional high school, and was asked if he could help the high schooler snag a prom date.

Miraculously, Trout somehow not only saw the tweeted request, he apparently was happy to oblige, even though Moarski didn’t expect a response in the first place, let alone did he ever dream Trout would take the time to actually do something about it.

“But he said he would help out,” Moraski told

That’s when Trout let his fingers do the talking, contacting Emily Caracciolo online and gave Moarski a shout out.

Not surprisingly, Emily said yes … with a sequence of “omgs” to make the point. That’s how you know a girl is serious — and happy — in her response.

As indicated by the bevy of retweets and favorites, the Twitter solid performed by Trout was noticed by many on social media and consequently has been extensively covered by major media outlets.

“I didn’t expect it to get the attention it did,” said Moraski.

It warrants pointing out that Moraski and his prom date already were an item and have been dating — not to mention that he had previously asked Emily to prom — so chances are the kid didn’t need to enlist Trout’s help to get his gal pal to agree to attend the formal with him. But the young lady certainly appeared thrilled that her boyfriend got creative when asking her again.