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Mark Cuban paid for wedding of Texas couple suffering through struggles


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban may come off as a brash, egomaniacal narcissist with few redeeming qualities, but when one takes the time to peel back the layers of his sometimes annoying bravado and self-promoting personality, what is left is something more than a billionaire brat. In fact, there apparently is a man there capable of doing truly great things for those in dire need of a helping hand.

At least that was the case for Cuban relating to the generous assistance he provided to Monica Wilkinson, a woman going through an unfair and heartbreaking amount of struggles. Until an act of kindness from Cuban brought some much needed joy into her life.

The story involves how Cuban paid for Wilkinson’s wedding after health issues, including ovarian cancer and other roadblocks financial and otherwise forced Monica and her fiancĂ©, Leroy, to cancel their planned nuptials on several occasions.

From Dallas-Forth Worth’s WFAA-TV (as excerpted by Ball Don’t Lie):

Monica and her fiance Leroy had planned since 2009 to marry and become parents together. But a series of miscarriages, a late-term still-born daughter, and financial struggles canceled the wedding several times.

Then in January came a devastating diagnosis of Stage 4 ovarian cancer that has spread. Monica underwent emergency surgery and is in the process of 18 rounds of chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is next.

“It just was seeming like every dream we had was just completely out of reach for everything,” admits Monica.

Bills from cancer treatment began piling up. After reaching out to charity organizations for financial assistance to make their wedding happen, Monica recently got an unexpected call out of the blue.

“I got a call from his assistant,” recalls Monica. “And she said Mark Cuban was going to help pay for our wedding. And I was completely floored. I thought it was a joke.”

It was no joke.

The report goes on to state that Cuban paid for the couple’s April wedding, a day which Wilkinson says she “felt like a princess.”

“Now we actually have those memories that can actually get us through,” Monica said. “I can go back and have those pictures now and have a reason to smile. Because I got to feel special and it was all thanks to Mark Cuban.”

Fantastic story, proving once again when it comes to billionaire NBA owners, sometimes there’s more than meets the eye. Or, in Donald Sterling’s case, much much less, which makes what Cuban did in this instance — which admittedly in a financial sense is as easy for him to do as for a regular person to drop a buck in a Salvation Army can at Christmastime — so particularly refreshing.

Here’s a video report from WFAA-TV: