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Joe Maddon gives out ‘Sex Panther’ cologne to team’s player of the game (video)

Tampa Bay Rays skipper Joe Maddon continues knocking it out of the park as it relates to his unconventional, quirky and usually effective approach he takes to motivate his players. And now, his doling out of Sex Panther cologne — of course of “Anchorman” fame — to the team’s player of the game continues to raise the bar when it comes to Maddon’s already-stellar awesomeness quotient.

Infielder Cole Figueroa was the lucky recipient of the Sex Panther cologne, who surely now is the envy of everyone in the clubhouse. Until he needs to get hosed down, I guess.

Not only has Maddon given out the potent Odeon musk that stings the nostrils, he somehow got his hands on a 1970s gift collection box of Hai Karate Oriental Lime boasting both aftershave and cologne.

The Sex Panther and Hai Karate scents join other nostalgic colognes from days gone by, such as Old Spice, Aqua Velva and others that your old man used to bust out before hitting the discotheque.

The awarding of old school colognes to players is Maddon’s means of piggybacking on a bit he came up with last week when he started leaving out antiquated scents in the clubhouse as a means to stop his team from stinking. You know, by giving the players the option of coating themselves in something equally stinky, I guess.