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Jason Dufner and gorgeous wife hang with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook (pics)


Jason Dufner and his beautiful wife Amanda were in attendance at Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

While the Thunder came up short on the road, losing to the Spurs 122-105, both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were in good enough spirits to pose for photograph with the PGA Tour star and his stunning wife.

Joining the four on the far right is former pro baller Adam Harrington.

This photo-op comes on the heels of Durant posing alone with Dufner and Amanda just the other day.

Don’t get me wrong, between the Dufnering, his major victory last year at the PGA Championship and by all appearances being an all-around good guy, something has to be said about how slovenly Dufner looks in that photo. Seriously, dude, did he comb his hair with a caramel apple or something?

Between these two instances and Durant giving Bubba Watson his game shoes following a game in which the Thunder eliminated the Los Angeles Clippers in its previous series, it sure looks like Durant is a pretty popular dude in PGA Tour circles.

[H/T Eye on Golf, top image via Adam Harrington Twitter]