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Mr. No Depth Perception: Indians fan hit in face by ball thrown into stands (video)

A fan’s attempt at securing a ball thrown into the outfield seats by Asdrubal Cabrera in between innings during the Cleveland Indians-Detroit Tigers at Progressive Field on Monday could not have gone worse for the poor guy.

First, he horribly misplays the ball, failing to get his hands on it as the potential ballpark souvenir eludes his outstretched arms.

Making matters worse, once the ball passes through his hands, it drills him right in the face.

Making it a completely embarrassing situation sure to be a source of humiliation for years to come, the entire incident was not only caught during the game’s broadcast, it was highlighted as a lowlight of the night on ESPN. Oof.

Yep, that pretty much is exactly how an attempt by Mr. No Depth Perception to catch a ball tossed into the stands would go.

That’s a classic SNL bit for all you young whippersnappers out there, back from when the show actually was really funny.

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