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Brett Favre trims beard, still resembles a steroid-abusing panhandler (photo)


For months now, ever since his reemergence from presumably a Mississippi cave or from under a bridge in Hattiesburg for an appearance on NFL Network’s Super Bowl XLVIII coverage in February, Brett Favre’s appearance has simultaneously shocked and delighted the interwebs.

Of course, Favre’s burly, musclebound, post-retirement physique is first and foremost when it comes to the surprising transformation Favre has undergone since hanging up his cleats for good a few years back, but the Ol’ Gunslinger transforms from a dramatically in-shape retiree to a roided-out-looking hobo courtesy of an unkempt, bushy gray beard.

Well, we have sad news to report, folks. Favre has trimmed back the beard a tad. While it looks neater and far more conservative, Favre still resembles a bum who spends all his panhandling money on black market steroids. And for that, we should rejoice.

Keep on keeping on, Hobo Favre. The world wouldn’t be the same without you and your trampy appearance.

[H/T Bro Bible, image via @blakecampbell87]