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Angels fan obliterates sweet old lady while snagging foul ball (video)


Some sweet old lady thought it would make for nice, relaxing and enjoyable evening to take in the Los Angeles Angels-Houston Astros game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on Monday. Little did she know that ultimately she would risk serious bodily harm simply from sitting in her seat courtesy of the actions of an overeager and somewhat reckless souvenir ball seeker sitting near her.

Watch as the Angels fan guy leaps and snags a towering foul ball off the bat of Houston Astros outfielder George Springer while simultaneously coming down on the poor old woman with all his weight and a lot of momentum.

The old lady is clearly shaken up, wincing while grabbing her arm while repeatedly saying, “My shoulder. My shoulder.” And the guy shows absolutely no indication that he realizes he just crushed a sweet old lady, never looking at her or checking to see if she was okay. Instead, he seeks out high-fives from his buddies. Yeesh.

Tickets to big league games contain a warning on the backside about the risk of getting drilled with bats, batted balls and the like and that a patron assumes the risk of associated bodily injuries related to those kind of items flying into the stands. Sadly, for this poor old lady and her busted-up shoulder, the warning on the tickets say nothing about overzealous souvenir ball seekers.