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Tigers catcher Alex Avila takes foul tip to the testicular region (video)


Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila probably had his life — or at least the prospect of the long-term well-being of his scrotal area — flash before his eyes during the fifth inning of his team’s game against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on Sunday.

During Shane Victorino’s at-bat in the fifth, the Red Sox outfielder made scant contact with a pitch. Bad ball luck — in more ways than one — ensued, as Avila’s mitt narrowly missed snagging the tip, meaning the ball, bearing down on Avila’s groin like a heat-seeking missile, struck the catcher straight in the crotch.

Ouch. Ouchy ouchy ouchy ouch.

After some moments of assumed extreme discomfort — cup or not (but hopefully a cup was in play) — Avila managed to stay in the game, going 1-4 with an RBI in Detroit’s 6-2 win.

Afterward, though, it’s reasonable to assume that Avila may have sought out a big pile of ice to sit on. And if he did not, he most certainly should have. I mean, sweet sack slamma, that had to hurt, right?