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Peyton Manning assures Omaha crowd he’ll still use city’s name in line calls (vid)

Peyton Manning

Demonstrating that he truly understands the concept about how it is important to play up to an audience’s interests and beliefs when giving a speech, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning promised a crowd in Omaha that he will continue to use the city’s name during his pre-snap line calls.

Speaking at the B’nai B’rith sports banquet Thursday night in the Nebraska town, Manning insisted that despite receiving a barrage of suggestions for other things he can holler while surveying a defense’s alignment, he’s staying true to “Omaha,” thank you very much.

“I can’t tell you how many suggestions I get on what word I should use next year — cities, states, businesses, a lot of websites,” Manning said, via The Denver Post. “I am here to tell you I am sticking with ‘Omaha!'”

Of course, Manning’s proclamation was greeted with hoots, cheers and hollers. Well-played, Pey-Pey.

The craze regarding Manning’s line call referencing the city of 400,000 reached a fever pitch during last season’s playoffs. In January, a group of Omaha companies got together and pledged to donate money to Manning’s charity for every time he yelled “Omaha!” during the AFC Championship Game.

All told at the time, the Broncos QB’s use of the city’s name netted the tidy sum of $28,000 for his charitable foundation, which serves at-risk youth.

Prior to the banquet, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce presented Manning with a check in the amount of $70,000, far more than the $28,000 that originally was reported.

Manning was of course incredibly gracious to the generosity of the city’s companies.
“I’m very pleased to be here in the real city of Omaha,” he said. “People of this city have been very gracious to me during my visit here. This (donated money) will go a long way to help the children at risk.”

Now if we could only get an NFL quarterback to yell “Detroit!” at the line and get some money raised for that poor city. No, I’m serious. Some QB defiintely should do that.