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Thank God: Nick Young finally reveals origin of Swaggy P nickname (video)

Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young, at long last, finally has revealed what’s behind his “Swaggy P” nickname as it relates to the origins of his now infamous moniker.

Of course, it’s a weird story. Young claims it came to him in a dream. Not only that, it was a dream that involved an ethereal, otherworldly and all-knowing and all-powerful entity.

Yep, Young claims the nickname came to him in a dream where he was having a conversation with God.

In the above video, here’s what Young has to say about the creation myth behind “Swaggy P.”

“God, in a dream, talked to me, and he gave me that name. I’m like, ‘you know what God? That is a funny name! I might need to run with it!’ And ever since then, I’ve been calling myself Swaggy P. It’s a household name.”

But this isn’t the first time Young has been asked about his peculiar nickname, and SB Nation compiled the following rundown of what he has said about his moniker in the past.

On NBA GameTime:

On where the nicknameĀ “Swaggy P” came from: “I think if you look good, you play good. So you know, the ‘Swaggy’ starts with how I come in the arena – how I dress, the shoes I wear. The ‘P’ is a mystery. I can’t tell you that right now. I might write a book someday.”

In Slam:

Young will only say that “Swaggy” became his moniker as a result of his friends, who showered him with compliments about his indelible swag. Naturally, he adapted it to become “Swaggy,” which was more becoming of his lifestyle. As for the P?

“The P is a mystery. I can’t give that secret out yet,” Young says. “It was one of my first nicknames, so nobody really knew about it and I just kept it a secret. People kept asking about it, so I started saying it’s a mystery. In a couple years I’ll give y’all something.”

Well, thank goodness Young at long last revealed the nickname’s origin. A monotheistic construct, if you will. Good to know God is busying himself with such important things. But as Young writes in a caption in the above Instagram post, “Me and God tight like that.”

Good to know. Now I can sleep at night. I think. Whew.