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Jeff Van Gundy claims Rihanna is stalking him, she has no idea who he is (vid)


Jeff Van Gundy’s ego suffered a crushing blow during Thursday night’s broadcast of the Los Angeles Clippers-Oklahoma City Thunder series when Rihanna claimed to have no idea who he was after he jokingly claimed during the first half of the game that the pop star is stalking him.

Later, during the second half, ESPN’s Lisa Salters was on the case after Gundy’s stalking claim, making her way down to courtside to relay the NBA analyst’s allegations to Rihanna herself.

“I asked her,” Salters said. “She did need me to point out who Jeff is, but I asked her if she is stalking Jeff. She said, ‘Hey, maybe I am.’ Jeff, you need to go introduce yourself.”

Van Gundy was left a destroyed shell of a man once he learned that not only was he not being stalked, the beautiful Rihanna needed Salters to point him out to her.

“You know, you just deflated my whole night,” Van Gundy said. “You know what I mean? I’m heartbroken that she didn’t know who I was. Wow.”

Wow, indeed. Apparently, Rihanna puts just as much thought contemplating the existence of Jeff Van Gundy as she does contemplating whether she should wear a bra. Not that anyone is complaining, right?