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Fan crashes scooter into tree behind Gary Woodland at Byron Nelson Classic (video)

Following a shot by Gary Woodland during Thursday’s play at the Byron Nelson Classic at the TPC Four Seasons Resort in Irving, Texas, a fan operating a motorized scooter either lost control temporarily of the motorized scooter he was operating or was not paying attention as he crashed it right into a tree along the fairway.

If that was not bad enough, the collision caused the scooter, rascal or whatever to teeter before finally toppling, upending the poor golf patron in the process.

Making it even worse is that it was captured by a Golf Channel cameraman and was subsequently discussed by the analysts, meaning anyone watching the tournament — and anyone now viewing the video online — was able to see this poor person’s misfortune. At least he seemed okay, right?

As Deadspin concedes in its post on the unfortunate occurrence, the simple act of uploading this video into a blog post arguably characterizes an individual as a horrible person, myself included. Same goes for anyone who laughs at the video or enjoys viewing it.

Schadenfreude at its finest. Or its worst. Take your pick.