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Alex Ovechkin rides in Soviet-era tank, fires machine gun in Belarus (video)


Despite scoring 51 goals — albeit only notching 28 assists — Alexander Ovechkin was unable to lead the Washington Capitals to the postseason. It was the first time the Caps failed to make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs since the 2006-07 season, prompting the dismissal of both head coach Adam Oates and general manager George McPhee.

This left Ovi with plenty of time to sulk and wonder what went wrong, not to mention that missing the postseason allowed Ovechkin to compete for Team Russia in the IIHF world championships.

The team had a recent day off and spent their free time enjoying a team outing at a World War II museum where the players had the opportunity to ride in a Soviet-era tank. Ovechkin also was afforded the chance to fire a pretty bad ass machine gun.

You know, to blow off some steam of something.

Ovechkin writes in the Instagram post: “Ну че кто на нас??” Ha! Ain’t that the truth, right?

Here’s video of Ovechkin and some of his teammates riding in the tank:

And here’s Ovi firing a Maxin machine gun.

Looks like a helluva time. Although Ovi better be careful. If Putin happens to come upon this video, Ovechkin may never get out of Russia.

Worth noting: The militaristic outing occurred in Minsk. With that in mind, it was kind of like “Rochelle, Rochelle,” although while it was strange, it certainly was not erotic. It probably didn’t start out in Milan, either. Yeah.

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