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Tony Romo to Cowboys: ‘There’s not anybody out there that can beat me out’


Despite his often and well-documented struggles in the clutch to go along with his sometimes superstar play, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has somehow earned the fierce loyalty of team owner Jerry Jones, among other higher ups in the organization as well as his coaches throughout his career.

It appears that the unshakeable faith Double-J and others have in Romo has caused the signal-caller to begin to believe he’s untouchable as it relates to his hold on the starting quarterback position. Or, at the very least, it has instilled in him a great confidence in his abilities and his place in the pecking order on the team.

Heading into the 2014 NFL Draft last week, speculation was rampant that Jones had become enamored with Johnny Manziel, so much so that reports surfaced that the Cowboys considered moving up in the draft to snag him.

Of course, Dallas didn’t even need to move up on the draft to select Manziel, as the team had the chance to pick the quarterback when it picked 16th overall in the first round. The Cowboys passed and Johnny Football continued his tumble down the draft board until he ultimately was drafted by the Cleveland Browns at No. 22.

Given the speculation and rumors floating about, the Cowboys engaged in a chat with Romo heading into the draft to quell any concerns the veteran quarterback may have had about being usurped as the unquestioned offensive leader of the team.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones appeared on SiriusXM radio on Wednesday and described the conversation that occurred between he and Romo.

Via NFL Nation:

“We did it, everybody had a visit with him along the way,” Jones said. “Jerry [Jones, Cowboys owner/GM] included, myself included, and told him how this is his football team and how much we think of him and with all the rumors flying around not to pay attention to that. His response is, as you might expect from Tony, it was ‘Well if you decide to, it ain’t going to matter, there’s not anybody out there that can beat me out.’ “

Cowboys fans have to encouraged by Romo’s confidence in his abilities. Although they may prefer Romo actually translating that confidence into winning some big football games in December and in the playoffs in January.