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Milan Lucic accused of saying ‘I’m going to f**ing kill you next year’ to Dale Weise (vid)

If the accusations made by Montreal Canadiens player Dale Weise are true, Boston Bruins star Milan Lucic isn’t only a poor sport and a sore loser, he’s a vulgar cretin who makes threats during a time when sportsmanship is not only encouraged, it is expected.

Weise claims that Lucic was classless and disrespectful following Montreal’s series-clinching 3-1, Game 7 win at TD Garden as the two teams shook hands on the ice.

The handshake line, a time-honored and revered tradition in hockey, is a unique custom and is supposed to showcase how players can set aside their differences following a hard-fought series and celebrate the dignity of the game and the competitiveness displayed by fierce rivals.

Lucic, according to accusations made by Weise after the game, indicates that he has no time to honor the custom, instead using the opportunity to make violent threats.

Subsequent reporting on the alleged incident, however, appears to shed some light on exactly what Lucic said to Weise as the two were supposed to be exchanging pleasantries:

Yikes. Sure, Lucic had a right to be frustrated, angry, you name it, after losing a Game 7 on the team’s home ice, but to actually threaten an opponent when he should have been swallowing his pride and congratulating him? Bush league.

Lucic’s expression of ire did not end during the handshake line, as the Bruins star was extremely upset when reacting to being told that Weise said something about what Lucis said to him, calling the Habs player a “baby.”

“That’s said on the ice so it’ll stay on the ice,” Lucic said, via, “So if he wants to be a baby about it, he can make it public.”

Here’s Lucic making the above comments, during which he comes off as even a bigger baby than he accuses Weise of being:

Come on, man. Lucic should conduct himself in the same way he probably would have expected the Canadiens players to behave had the Bruins won the game. What a sore loser.

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