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Matt Harvey refuses to apologize to Mets for ‘having a life’


New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey seemingly finds himself at the center of controversy on a routine basis. Despite his remarkable accomplishments on the field and his contributions he makes to the success of the Mets on the field, Harvey’s activities away from the ballpark seem to constantly cause hand-wringing and consternation among Mets brass and the team’s fans.

Just a few weeks ago, Harvey ran afoul of the team when he posted a photograph on Twitter of himself giving the finger from a hospital bed as a way to celebrate the six-month anniversary of his Tommy John surgery.

Given the assumed kickback or possible talking-to he received from the Mets regarding the not-so-risque pic, Harvey abruptly deleted his Twitter account, presumably because he has grown tired of having his every off-field move scrutinized.

That attitude came through loud and clear in comments he made recently and reported by the New York Post.

Harvey, who plans to head down to Port St. Lucie and begin throwing off the mound as soon as next month — he says he “can see the light at the end of the tunnel” following his surgery — appeared to be defiant in the face of those who question and criticize how he lives his life.

“I guess having a life outside of baseball is sometimes not OK,” Harvey said on Thursday. “I live my life. I enjoy going to Rangers games. I enjoy going to Knicks games. I’m a big sports fan, so going to games is not something I’m going to change doing. I can’t help what people think.”

Fair enough. Harvey indeed does try to live a full life away from the game. He enjoys the finer things, such as enjoying the company of attractive women when gallivanting around the globe, as he did with then-girlfriend, supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna, while visiting Russia back in November.

Shortly after their visit to Mother Russia, he and Anne V, as she is known, broke up in February. But Harvey apparently was able to rebound quickly as he has recently been spotted about town with British fashion model Asha Leo.

Harvey seems to have a “Take it as it comes” mentality, enjoying each and every moment. He appeared in the last year’s edition of ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body Issue.”

He also gets himself in a bit of trouble at times, too, such as the time he took part in a bizarre interview with Dan Patrick.

But overall, it appears that Harvey simply is interested in taking advantage of living in New York and the many opportunities afforded him, enjoy the culture, nightlife and attractions of the arguably world’s greatest city. What’s the harm in that if he continues to produce on the mound?

Still, when asked why he always seems to find himself in the center of another burgeoning controversy, Harvey appeared to take a shot at the Mets.

“I have no idea,” Harvey said. “Being a good teammate, being a good friend is most important to me.”

As far as the most recent semi-scandal — the Twitter middle finger incident — Harvey seems to have put that behind him. When asked if he missed engaging in social media horseplay, Harvey succinctly said, “No, I do not.”

Fair or not, that’s probably a good call.