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Surveillance footage of Jameis Winston pilfering crab legs released (video)


Just when we thought we had weeks ago heard the end of the “Jameis Winston Shoplifting Crab Legs” saga (although the meme that sprung from the story were phenomenal), Publix, the supermarket from where Winston pilfered the seafood, has released the security surveillance footage that documents how the Florida State Seminoles quarterback casually strolling out of the grocery store with crab legs — and butter (just to “clarify” — get it? ) — in hand.

It’s riveting stuff …

… okay, it’s not. Pretty boring stuff, in fact. But folks apparently needed to see the video. After all, with only a citation, a police report documenting the incident and Winston subsequently admitting to it and acknowledging the incident — although he downplayed the severity of his supposed crime, referring to it as a “terrible mistake” in a statement — how could we, the discerning public, be certain it really occurred?

Now we know. And knowing is half the battle. Apparently.

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