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Erik Spoelstra not asked a single question during pregame presser (video)

With the Miami Heat heading into possible series-clinching Game 5 in its Eastern Conference semifinal match-up with the Brooklyn Nets, Erik Spoelstra, as is expected from him, made himself available to the media for a pregame press conference.

The problem was the either the media was ill-prepared, disinterested or simply chose to snub Spoelstra as not a single reporter stepped up and asked the Heat coach a single question. Odds are it certainly wasn’t the latter and arguably a combination of the two former possibilities.

After Spoelstra sat down and greeted the media with a “Hi,” an awkward silence ensued. After a few moments, a bemused Spoelstra simply gave reporters a thumbs-up and ambled off the stage, probably unclear about what just transpired.

Of course, given that the Heat had a commanding stranglehold on the series perhaps prompted a situation where reporters felt there just weren’t any questions to ask. Although it’s silly to think that at least one of them couldn’t up with some inquiry or another.

At the same time, Spoelstra looked relieved he didn’t have to endure a litany of mindless and meaningless questions about strategy and so on and so forth.

The Heat ultimately prevailed, eliminating the Nets by a score of 96-94 for a relatively easy 4-1 series win. I dunno, maybe the media could figure out how to do their jobs and managed to come up with at least a few questions for Spoelstra after the game.