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Drunk female Twins fan flips off child for not throwing back home run ball (video)


Boston Red Sox designated hitter and designated Minnesota Twins-killer David Ortiz smacked out four home runs in the first two games of a three-game set at Target Field this week, but the actions of one inebriated female Twins fan after one of Big Papi’s homer provided a case study regarding the truly deplorable behavior routinely exhibited by some fans at ballparks across the country.

Following one of Wednesday’s two home runs by Ortiz, who once played for the Twins in what seems like a lifetime ago, said inebriated female Twins fan appears to give a young girl the middle finger after she elected to keep the home run ball as opposed to honoring the longstanding and completely absurd and ridiculous tradition of fans throwing back home run balls by visiting players.

It requires a close examination to see the drunk lady’s flipping of the aforementioned middle finger, but repeated viewings of the above GIF courtesy of Busted Coverage seems to indicate that this horrible person did in fact give a little girl the bird for wanting to hold on to a keepsake souvenir baseball.

Here’s a look at the video of the shameful violation of acceptable social behavior:

It also appears that the woman drops an f-bomb on the child as well. Keep it classy, lady.

As she is cussing out and flipping off a child, it appears that the man in the red jacked — probably a Target Field usher — attempts to intervene. Sorry, usher guy, you can’t stop stupid that easily.

Hopefully, once she dried out and sobered up, she took a long hard look at herself and her behavior and at the very least decided to make some changes in her life so that she never puts herself in a position again where she feels compelled to flip-off a little kid at a baseball game. Sheesh.