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Charles Barkley’s horrific golf swing remains a ghastly sight to behold (video)

When Charles Barkley isn’t disparaging the women of San Antonio for what he perceives to be a city-wide weight problem — or pantomiming double-fistingĀ  churros into his mouth that disturbingly resembles simulated fellatio — he most certainly isn’t working on refining his golf swing and improving his performance on the course.

This observation certainly was illustrated on Wednesday when Barkley, who has demonstrated his unconventional swing that would give golf instructors nightmares on numerous occasions in the past, was taking part in the in the Champions Tour’s Regions Tradition Pro-Am in Alabama and man oh man, it remains a disturbing sight, indeed.

To say Barkley has a little hitch in his giddy-up of a golf swing would be a drastic understatement. As Sir Charles may say himself, “It’s turrible.”

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]