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Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler apparently thinks the moon is a planet (video)

Broadcasters have the difficult task of constantly filling the airwaves with their thoughts and observations, leaving as little amount of dead air as possible.

Sometimes, this can backfire tremendously on the talented men and women who call the action, as was the case for Kansas City Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler, who, when discussing the beauty of the moon, referred to it as a planet.

When Hudler’s broadcast partner Ryan Lefebvre acknowledged that it is an FCC rule of sorts that whenever a full moon is out during a televised sporting event, it is an obligation for it to be shown at least once.

That gave Hudler the opportunity to express the following not-so-astute and comically — or tragically, depending on one’s point of view — inaccurate commentary.

After saying he likes the full moon rule, Hudler said, “I like that rule,” adding, “It’s a beautiful planet.”

Wait … what?

Given the chance to recognize his error after Lefebvre corrected him, Hudler retorted, “That’s … that’s like a planet to me.”

Fair enough. Actually not really. The moon is like a planet in the same way the sun is like a planet, as in not alike at all.

Of course, everybody knows that the moon is not a planet at all, as it is an ancient god meant to be worshiped and feared. Also, it is made entirely of cheese. Duh.