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Nelson Cruz grabs crotch after Justin Verlander threw behind him (GIF)


In a case of payback for Torii Hunter getting plunked by Bud Norris on Monday, Justin Verlander threw a pitch well behind Nelson Cruz to send a message that the Detroit Tigers have the backs of one another during the 4th inning of Wednesday’s matinee.

The Tigers were up 4-0 at the time, making it the perfect moment for a possible plunking, if hitting Cruz was Verlander’s intention.

The Baltimore Orioles outfielder didn’t take too kindly to the not-so-subtle act of outward aggression. How did Cruz respond? By turning toward Verlander and demonstrated a not-so-subtle act of his own.

He stared down Verlander and then grabbed his junk.

BAM! That’s certainly a rude way to express one’s dissatisfaction with another person’s rude act. But an effective way to express it nonetheless.

Cruz did get the last laugh, however. The next time he faced the Tigers ace, in the 5th inning, Cruz connected on a Verlander offering and deposited into the seats for a three-run homer as the Orioles put a 5-spot up on the right-hander. Talk about delivering a heavy dose of comeuppance.

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