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Lakers fan gets incredibly realistic Kobe Bryant tattoo (photos/video)

If a person is going to go to great lengths to pay tribute to their favorite athlete via a inked ode on their body, he or she might as well seek out a supremely gifted tattoo artist.

And that’s what on Los Angeles Lakers fan did, enlisting the services of Dongkyu Lee, who goes by “q_tattoo” on Instagram, to create an incredibly realistic portrait of the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, on his lower right leg.

Behold the sublime artistry:

Lee writes in the above post, “My first try @inkjecta v2 machine !! I’m honored Kobe Bryant piece put on my buddy @stevebutchertattoos few weeks ago !!! So much miss you guys! Cheers @mattjordantattoo ‘s ship shape ! #intenzeproduct#hustlebutterdeluxe”

Here’s a look at the tattoo as a work in progress:

Lee writes, “Today im tattooing @kobebryant on @stevebutchertattoos ! Im so excited! I even made him a new paper towel kobe shoe #kobebryant #lakers #kobe9s”

Amazeballs. We have seen some pretty crazy tattoos of athletes in the past — both good (see here and here) and bad (check out this Bubba Watson tattoo nightmare)– but this one takes the cake.

[H/T Laker Nation]