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Joe Maddon providing ‘dad’ cologne to players to stop Rays from stinking (pics)

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays

Once again establishing himself as the quirkiest, peculiarly cerebral and flat-out offbeat managers in the game, Tampa Bay Rays skipper Joe Maddon has started to put out a variety of colognes in a desperate effort to stop his struggling team from stinking.

You see, at 17-23, the Rays currently have the second-worst record in the American League. That stinks. Being a believer in aromatherapy, Maddon apparently is of the mind that if a person doesn’t stink literally, it’s possible that said person may cease to stink in a more metaphorical, figurative sense.

So Maddon has resorted to presenting players with several male fragrance options, albeit with one caveat: The colognes must be of the “old man” variety.

David Price, who went the distance for the win, pitching nine innings while striking out 12 and allowing only one run in a 2-1 victory over the Seattle Mariners, appears to be a convert, or he’s at least attempting to subscribe to Maddon’s peculiar methods.


He slapped on some after-shave, courtesy of manager Joe Maddon, who brought in seven bottles of cologne before the game because Maddon believes in aroma therapy and his team certainly needed something to break out of the funk.

Price went with Aqua Velva Blue.

“Like my dad had,” he said.

Classic. Maddon took to Twitter to document his unique new approach at putting the kibosh on the team’s stench.

What a character. Between this boldly smelling move and his great line about pine tar and pot, Maddon is off to a great start this season, even if his team is not.

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