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Yasiel Puig gets a little too amped when hitting home runs in video games (video)

No one will ever say that Yasiel Puig lacks confidence in himself — like most professional athletes, the Los Angeles Dodgers young superstar has an enormous ego. He also routinely demonstrates an overexuberance after bashing a home run out of the ballpark. So much so, in fact, that there have been several instances during his young career when Puig celebrates home runs that aren’t home runs. Sure, premature celebration may not be as dire a condition as other maladies that begin with the word “premature,” but it can lead to embarrassing situations, nevertheless.

But who knew Puig enjoys hitting home runs just as much when he plays himself in video games as he does when he actually hits a round-tripper during a real, live baseball game?

Check out the video above Puig himself posted recently to Instagram in which he showcases just how excited he can get simply by hitting a home run … in a video game.

“Hallelujah!” indeed. Of course, the home run Puig hit in the video game was a walk-off grand slam, so perhaps his clutch performance with controller in hand was worthy of such an overt display of excitability.

But before you think Puig is some kind of video game avatar egomaniac, he also seems to get pretty amped no matter which guy he’s playing during a particularly tense video game session. To wit:

I have no idea what Puig is saying in any of those videos, but one thing is certain: The guy loves his video games. Clearly.

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