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Rob Gronkowski mobbed by adoring women during Las Vegas sojourn (photo)


“Alright, alright, alright. Take a number, ladies, there’s plenty of Gronk to go around for all of you. Anyone got a beer bong?”

In case you didn’t know, Rob Gronkowski loves the ladies and for what it’s worth, the ladies love him right back.

At least that was evident when the New England Patriots tight end paid a visit to Las Vegas over the weekend for some R&R as he continues to rehab the knee he blew out late last season. You know, between filming cameos in the “Entourage” movie and double-fisting ginormous steaks and other assorted Gronkian nonsense.

The Boston Herald reports that Gronk made the rounds at Lansdowne Pub, Vista and Avalon at Mohegan Sun during a desert getaway.

As you can see above, Gronkowski is doing his best to make certain that this year also contains a “Summer of Gronk” (for some his most recent antics, see here) as a gaggle of admiring women surrounded Gronk at one point during his time hanging out at the Mohegan Sun.

Here’s a report from an eyewitnesses — more accurately, someone who who got a little closer than than merely laying eyes on the Gonkenheimer — regarding Gronk’s good time antics:

Let’s face it: Given his charisma, charm and overall frat boy awesomeness, Vegas is Gronk’s world. If you happen to find youreslf in his vicinity in Sin City, you’re just swimming in his lady-killing, bro-tastic party-hearty wake.