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Michelle Jenneke to release a stretching app for athletes (and pervs) (video)


Australia’s Michelle Jenneke, the world’s most famous hurdler — or only one who can be readily identified by a horde of horndogger Interent oglers — is releasing an app that purports to be an instructional tool regarding how to effectively stretch or something. I don’t know, I lost my train of thought watching the below teaser trailer recently posted to YouTube.

The video’s description:

COMING SOON – Stretch! With Michelle Jenneke. “Join me as I show you through some fantastic ideas to get you through a thorough warm up and cool down as well as stretching your body from top to bottom. Not only will we work on your flexibility, we will also have some fun down at the beach as well”.

If there is anyone can teach someone how to get through a thorough warm up, it’s Jenneke, whose provocative and suggestive pre-race routine got millions of eyes bulging when she first burst onto the Internet scene way back in July, 2012.

Since then, she’s become a certified sensation, so there’s little doubt this app will only help to raise her profile.

Even better, someone may even learn how to stretch their bodies — or at least some part of it (Zing!) — from top to bottom and warm up and cool done simply by utilizing the information gleaned from the app. You know, in between all the ogling, eye-humping and tongue-wagging.

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