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Kid lands Houston Texans cheerleader as prom date on Twitter (photos/video)


Mike Ramirez, a senior at Crosby High School in suburban Houston, in all likelihood became a classroom legend after he managed to land a Houston Texans cheerleader as his prom date.

Ramirez, a football player who spent most of last season riding the bench, rode a successful retweet challenge into having arguably the highest profile prom date at the school’s end-of-year formal last weekend.

Somehow, a “joke” involving a Twitter popularity contest was parlayed into a pretty sweet date by Ramirez. During a class, he began a “Twitter following spree.” Surprisingly, the Texans cheerleader who ultimately became Ramirez’s prom date, Caitlyn — Texans team policy does not allow the revealing of her last name — followed him.

The senior, who had recently broken up with his girlfriend and therefore had no date, posed the following question to Caitlyn: If he could somehow get 10,000 retweets, would she go to the prom with him.

Shockingly, Caitlyn agreed.


In a span of only 27 hours, Ramirez got those 10,000 retweets, and Caitlyn proved to be a woman of his word and served as Ramirez date for the prom.

“It was just as a joke,” Ramirez said, via the New York Post. “I didn’t think I was going to actually get it.”

There were, however, a few very minor stipulations regarding the magical evening. The Texans allowed Caitlyn to attend the prom only if it were a “blind date.” The two eventually met on Saturday night at Churrascos, a fancy-schmancy Latin American eatery.

Caitlyn arrived by limousine, escorted by six other Texans cheerleaders. Ramirez arrived earlier, along with his mother and some pals.

Ramirez opened the limo door for Caitlyn and the memorable prom date was on.

Following dinner, Ramirez, sporting a killer red jacket, later escorted Caitlyn to the official prom event, which was held at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

A fun time appeared to be had by one and all. And the best part? Miss Caitlyn treated the event and outing with class, unlike Evelyn Lozada, who went way too far with a far-too-revealing dress when serving as a date for a young man last year.

Video report from KHOU-TV follows below.

Well done, kid.