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Canadiens fans pelt Milan Lucic with trash, towels, other stuff (video)

The Montreal Canadiens forced a Game 7 showdown with Boston Bruins courtesy of a decisive 4-0 win at Bell Centre on Monday night.

As it often goes during games between hated rivals — especially during the waning moments of a playoff game that has gotten out of hand, both on the scoreboard as well as the chippiness that ramps up over a bitterly fought six games — scrums and shoving matches and thrown punches all occurred as the outcome of the game became a foregone conclusion.

During one particular standoff, Milan Lucic threw a couple of shove-punches at Mike Weaver as the combatants exchanged pleasantries while the refs attempted to extinguish the burgeoning chaos before it exploded in a powder keg of ultraviolent mayhem.

As Lucic, followed by Zdeno Chara, stepped off the ice and began making his way down the tunnel, he became an easy target for the Habs faithful as some knuckle-draggers pelted the Bruins star with trash, towels and any other assorted debris they could get their grubby hands on.

In an unfortunate instance of bad timing, just as Lucic was being hit with garbage, the Canadiens official Twitter account sent out this tweet, presumably in an attempt to curtail any kind of boorish behavior on the part of the team’s fans:

Yeah, that’s a shame. It’s too bad most of the people throwing garbage had their hands full with trash instead of their cell phones and likely didn’t have a chance to read the tweeted warning about keeping it classy before, you know, doing the exact opposite.