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Andrew Luck crashes couple’s wedding photo shoot in Indianapolis (photos)


When Jason and Madeline began getting their wedding photos taken outside an Indianapolis church recently, little did they know that an extra special and super famous passerby would crash the photo session.

Yep, none other than Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck happened upon the couple celebrating their recent nuptials. When asked by photographer Sara Ackerman to join in and pose along with the newlyweds and members of the wedding party in some photos, the superstar apparently was more than happy to oblige.

Now that’s a way to kick-off a marriage, so long as the couple were Colts and Andrew Luck fans. Although if they weren’t before, they most surely are now. Too bad Luck wasn’t wearing a tux … he looks so out of place, right?

No word if Luck showed up at the reception afterward. Probably not, as Luck might have had other plans as some kid was posing for pics after his Bar Mitzvah further down the street. That’s just how Luck rolls. He’s an equal opportunity crasher when it comes to a particular faith.

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