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Stephen A. Smith is voice in Richard Sherman’s stomach in new beef jerky spot (video)


Earlier this week, a day before Richard Sherman signed a 4-year, $57.4 million extension with the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday, two new commercials were rolled out featuring the cornerback fulfilling his role as paid spokesman for Oberto Beef Jerky.

One of the commercials is normal enough. Sherman congratulates players about to be selected in Thursday night’s 2014 NFL Draft.

The other, however, takes a drastically different tact, as it features Sherman working out, taking a drink and getting yelled at by a being who lives in his stomach, who just so happens to be portrayed by ESPN bloviating talking head Stephen A. Smith. It’s a tad strange.

In it, Smith, wearing a yellow rain slicker as the voice inside Sherman’s stomach, informs the NFLer that he needs to do more than simply rehydrate while training, he needs protein.

QUITE FRANKLY, I don’t see the necessity of Smith’s inclusion in the commercial. If the beef jerky outfit needed a loudmouth to fill the role of the voice in Sherman’s stomach, why not seek out Gilbert Gottfried? The guy could use the work.

Further, how is SAS able to psychologically compartmentalize appearing in a commercial for beef jerky with his profound love, nay, infatuation, for Cheez Doodles? Seems like a culinary conflict of interest to me. Okay, maybe not culinary — we’re talking about beef jerky and Cheez Doodles, for crying out loud — but a gastronomic one at least.