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MLB barber getting his own show, claims A-Rod shaves his arms and legs


Jose Moises Lopez is the most famous barber in all of baseball. And for that esteemed position as the most respected and revered cutter of hair among MLB players, Lopez is the subject of his own show, “Back of the Shop,” which premieres on May 24 on FOX Sports 1.

The above video, in which star athletes hang at Lopez’s joint, Jordan Sport Barbershop, was filmed recently and will be part of the debut episode.

For the Win has a lengthy profile of the upcoming series about the man and his shop and his craft. Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s an authentic place,” Michael Bloom, Fox Sports’ vice president of original programming, said of the setting. “We realized that we had the perfect backdrop for real candid, casual conversations with top-name players.”

On the episode filmed Friday, current Yankees Carlos Beltran and CC Sabathia chatted with retired slugger Cecil Fielder and Knicks center Amar’e Stoudemire as Lopez plied his trade. Prodded by an off-screen director only at lulls, the conversation mostly flowed naturally, covering topics as disparate as current real-estate prices and heavyweight boxing history.

“In our incredibly media-driven society, these professional athletes are taught to answer certain questions in certain ways,” Bloom said. “Here, they’re just talking with their contemporaries. Sometimes they’re talking with their heroes. Sometimes they’re talking with a teammate. And I think we’re getting a much more natural thought process and flow of communication.”

The show sounds more compelling than it really should at face value, but the most intriguing — and comical — aspect of the write-up is the little gossip nugget Lopez dropped about none other than Alex Rodriguez.

Lopez he once saw A-Rod shaving his arms and legs at Yankee Stadium. He felt obligated to step in and intervene. No, not to prevent a man from shaving his body for no apparently reason, but to ensure he didn’t hurt himself doing it. A more professional need than anything.

“I didn’t want him to cut himself,” Lopez said in Spanish. “’Don’t worry about it,’ I said. ‘I’ll do it for you.’ He shaves his arms and legs.”

Ha. Perfect. Rodriguez is an over-obsessed manscaper. As if we should expect anything else out of A-Rod, right? If it wasn’t going to be hard enough for Rodriguez to get back into the good graces of his MLB colleagues when he makes his return to baseball following his suspension, this little story has to emerge as well. Ha.

Here’s a peek at the show:

Good stuff, but needs more humiliating stuff about A-Rod, though.
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