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Underwear-clad Miguel Angel Jimenez in front of mirror: ‘I am such a beautiful man’


Miguel Ángel Jiménez, a/k/a “The Most Interesting Man in Golf”, apparently is a great admirer of himself and his appearance. So much so, in fact, he once marveled at what perceives to be his Adonis-like form while standing in only his underwear in front of a mirror.

A story like that is so good it has to be true. And if we choose to believe José Maria Olazábal’s recollection of a specific incident when the wine-and-cigar-loving 50-year-old Spanish golfer did just that.

In a profile of Jiménez in Golf Digest by Jaime Diaz, one of the tidbits allowing fans an inside look at the compelling figure — both figuratively and literally (the lavish lifestyle has given Jiménez a pretty healthy paunch) — Olazábal spins a yarn about his fellow Spaniard as follows.

“José Maria Olazábal — who as an introverted ascetic from the north of Spain is outwardly Jiménez’s opposite — loves to tell the story of his close friend standing nearly naked in front of a locker-room mirror (the mind’s eye can’t avoid a vision of bikini briefs), and saying, “Vascorro [Spanish for Basque], I am such a beautiful man.”

Ha. As stated above, a story like that is so good — or disturbing — it has to be true, especially when considering the source.

Miguel Ángel Jiménez truly is “The Most Interesting Man in Golf.” But that doesn’t mean we need to see him in his underwear anytime soon.

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