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Johnny Manziel at long last has launched his official Facebook page (video)


With a new logo above and a brief six-second video tagged with #JustAKidFromKerrville acknowledging his small town Texas roots, Johnny Manziel has at long last launched his official Facebook page on Thursday. Of course, the foray into Facebookery coincides perfectly with arguably the most monumental day in his 21 years: The day he learns where he will be begin his professional football career at the 2014 NFL Draft.

“Hey guys, new Facebook page, try to be on here interacting with you throughout the year,” Manziel says in the brief introductory video.

Of course, that means, “Hey guys, new Facebook page, the guy I hired to manage my social media accounts will try to be on here interacting with you throughout the year.” But hey, that makes him no different than a lot of other high-profile, pro athletes.

Not surprisingly, likes of Manziel’s Facebook page quickly are skyrocketing. In a few short hours, Johnny Football already has amassed 8,600 of them.

Between this move into the Facebook world and his skilled handling of the media on Wednesday, it’s safe to say that Manziel is all set for an even grander stage than the one he already has been enjoying.