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Johnny Manziel invites six-year-old cancer survivor to 2014 NFL Draft (video/photos)


With mere moments remaining before all the hype, speculation, bloviating, hearsay, over-analysis and all that other annoying stuff is finally put behind us and the 2014 NFL Draft officially gets underway at Radio City Music Hall in New York, we’re afforded a heartwarming story about one of the most compelling players and talked-out personalities heading into the night: Johnny Manziel.

Manziel, suspected of being a narcissistic party boy focused upon having a good time and living large, apparently has invited young Charlie Dina, a six-year-old cancer survivor and devoted Johnny Football fan, to come along with him on the arguably biggest night of his life.

Here’s Charlie on his flight to New York City.

The two have developed a close bond over the past few years. Houston’s KHOU-TV has the details.

Back in 2012, Charlie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Shortly after treatments began, Johnny learned of Charlie’s fight with cancer and started to wear a yellow wristband with the words “Charlie’s Angels” on it. The show of support was the beginning of a relationship that Charlie’s parents would never have dreamt of.

For the past year and half, the two have been inseparable. Charlie goes to games and the friendship has helped the Dina family turn Charlie’s Angels into an official charity. This week, Charlie and his parents are in New York City as guests of Johnny to attend the NFL Draft.

An incredibly cynical person with a blackened heart may argue that this move simply is a well-executed PR move. Others with faith in the relative goodness of humanity hope that it’s a sign that everyone has an incorruptible part of themselves that compels them to do kindhearted things for people for no reason other than that it feels like the right thing to do.

Given that Manziel has been a near-constant presence in young and brave Charlie’s life throughout his battle, it’s clearly the former, not the latter.

Some more photos of Manziel and Charlie:

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(images via Facebook, The Johnny We Know)