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Derek Carr to Commissioner Tagliabue at 2002 NFL Draft: I’ll be back (photo)


While there is on guarantee that he will get the chance on Thursday night, if and when Derek Carr steps on to the stage at the 2014 NFL Draft, it will not be his first time.

Carr, a highly touted prospect out of Fresno State who is considered one of the top players at the quarterback position — perhaps the best in the second wave of QBs — heading into the first round, made an appearance on the stage at Madison Square Garden at the NFL Draft way back in 2002, when his brother, David Carr, was selected as the first overall pick by the Houston Texans in that year’s draft.

A precocious and spry 11-year-old, young Derek exhibited some bravado — not to mention foresight — when he told then NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue that this wouldn’t be the last time he would set foot on a stage on Draft Day.

“I shook Commissioner Tagliabue’s hand and told him I’d be back,” said Carr during an appearance on ESPN “Car Wash” last week. “I guess that wasn’t politically correct. But I was only 11, so I didn’t know too much.”

How prescient. Granted, the Draft has moved to Radio City Music Hall, and there’s no chance he’ll be drafted as high as his big brother, but how cool will it be when Derek Carr gets to follow in both his brother’s footsteps as an NFL draft pick as well as his own footsteps as a supremely confident youngster?

[H/T Sporting News, image courtesy of @ESPNPR]