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Charles Barkley pantomiming eating churros sure looks a lot like he’s … uh … (GIFs)


Charles Barkley has been on a veritable tear this week as it relates to saying and doing outrageous things on-air during TNT’s coverage of the NBA playoffs. First, he rehashed his familiar comedic routine of bashing what he perceives to be San Antonio’s considerable fat chick population, now, uh, this…

Holy what appears to be simulated fellatio, Batman!

Barkley intended his pantomiming to simulate what it looks like to double-fist the churros down in San Antonio, but as you can see, it looks like Sir Charles is doing something entirely different. Something far more vile that is unsuitable for television, even cable. Again:

That’s Barkley slamming Shaq’s soda while stuffing a churro in his mouth.

Here’s the entire shockingly and disturbingly and hilariously scene in one glorious Vine:

Uh, yeah.

Barkley referenced San Antonio churro-eating in an earlier broadcast in February:

The guy loves to construct his routines, building upon a concept over months and then going back to the well again and again and again. God bless him.

(GIFs, video courtesy of the wonderful CJ Fogler, the Patron Saint of GIF Goodness)